IoT-Life 2019

Special Session on the Impact of Internet of Things on the Future Elderly Care on Cyberscitech2019 (IoTonFEC) Aug. 5-8, Fukuoka, Japan, 2021.


1. AgentPi: An IoT Enabled Motion CCTV Surveillance System, Farhad Mehdipour
2. An Efficient Synchronization Algorithm in OFDM-based NB-IoT Systems, Yuxiang LV; Hao Qin;
Zhiwei Liu; YaWen Dong; Weiyang Xu; Wenjiang Feng
3. An Emergency Mobile Communication System Based on Fixed-Wing Drone and Satellite Transmission
Access, Yu Su
4. Joint Power Control and Pilot Assignment Algorithm in Multi-cell Multi-user Massive MIMO systems,
Yuxiang LV; Qing Wu; Yajuan Guo; Zhiwei Liu; Xiaolong Bao; Wenjiang Feng
5. A Study on the Reduction of Mowing Work Burden for Maintaining Landscapes in Rural Areas:
Experiment Design for Mowing Behaviors Analyze, BO WU; Yuan Wu; Yoko Aoki; Shoji Nishimura;
Masayuki Kashiwagi
6. Life Assistants for the Elderly Based on Mobile Devices, Wenjie Diao, Zhigang Gao, Ruichao Xu,
Yunfeng Xie, Ke Yan, Hongyi Guo
7. Ubi-care: A Decentralized Ubiquitous Sensing Healthcare System for the Elderly Living Support, Hong