IoT-Life 2023

The 4th IEEE international workshop on the Impact of Internet of Things on Daily Life (IoT-Life2023) on Cyberscitech2023 (Nov. 14-17, 2023 – Hybrid Conference – Abu Dhabi, UAE)


    1. Smart Home Integration and Data Sharing with ActivityPub and UPOD Tao Zhou, Yunhao Ni, Xinzhe Gao and Hong Chen
    2. Analysis and Prediction of Drivers’ Braking Behavior with Different Experience at Right-Angled Turns Jian Wang, Yishui Zhu, Abdelhamid Hadili, Ruxia Tian and Luyang Wang
    3. Research on Sustainable Design Evaluation of Smart Education Based on the Internet of Things Zehang Li, Zijin Qiao, Haochuan Tian, Bowen Sun and Shuaiqi Meng
    4. A Design of Smart Glasses-based Gesture Recognition and Translation System for Sign Languages Chu Zhang, Bo Wu and Kiminori Sato
    5. Research on the Interface Design of a Situational Awareness-Based Spinal Endoscopic Surgery Robot Yirui Wang, Jinyun Cao, Yixuan Wang, Yawei Hao, Jianming Yang, Saisai Li, Jiayi Tan and Bowen Sun
    6. Design of Household Robotic Arm System to sort Recyclable Resources based on Deep Learning Yuning Guo, Bo Wu and Hiroyuki Kameda
    7. Analyzing the Effects of Driving Experience on Backing Maneuvers Based on Data Collected by Eye-Tracking Devices Qirun Wang, Kiminori Sato and Bo Wu
    8. Design and Implementation of a UPOD for Decentralized IoT Data Platform Based on the ActivityPub Protocol Yunhao Ni, Tao Zhou, Xinzhe Gao and Hong Chen